Biology Test - Sample questions

Written Test for Admissions, 2002-2003 (1 hour)

Total : 100 Marks
(Each question carries 5 marks)

Q1. What role does carbohydrate play in the body? What is the chemical structure of carbohydrate?

Q2. What is the synapse in neuroscience? How are neural signals propagated in the nervous system?

Q3. In Mendel's experiments with peas, explain why in the second generation the frequency of spherical seeds versus dented seeds is in a ratio of 3:1.

Q4. Relational biologists [Robert Rosen; Brian Goodwin;] view the functioning of an organism as constituted of relationships between different functional subsystems that are irreducible. As opposed to this, molecular biologists try to reduce the function of an organism to the chemical reactions of macromolecules constituting it. Compare and contrast these two viewpoints from the standpoint of prospects for “consciousness studies” as a scientific field.

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