Electrical and Electronics Engineering Test - Sample questions

Written Test for Admissions, 2002-2003 (1 hour)

Total Marks: 100

Part I
(All questions are compulsory)

Q1. Explain the Shannon’s sampling theorem. [3]

Q2. When does the maximum power transfer occur in an electrical circuit? [3]

Q3. A dc circuit consists of a pure inductor and a pure capacitor. Draw the voltage and current wave-forms for both the elements. Explain the principle. [6]

Q4. What is a memory? Draw an equivalent circuit. [3]

Part II
(Answer any 3 questions. Each question carry 15 marks)

Q5. Draw the block-diagram of an armature controlled dc motor and derive the transfer function.

Q6. A table contains n number of integers. Write a C/Fortran program to order these integers in ascending manner.

Q7. Your house requires 4 tube lights, 4 fans, one refrigerator and one air conditioner. Please draw an exact electrical circuit with various switches with proper ratings. (Hint: your house is supplied from a single phase 230 volt line.)

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