Computer Science Test - Sample questions

Written Test for Admissions, 2002-2003 (1 hour)

Total Marks: 100

Part I
(All questions are compulsory)

Q1. Design a 1-bit full adder. [3]

(a) What is symbolic computation?
(b) What is problem solving?
(C) Why does TSP (Traveling salesman problem) a NP-hard problem? [3x2=6]

Q3. Explain the process of programming a computer. [6]

Q4. “A programmed computer may behave like an expert, but it does not have a feel of the actions it executes.” Provide logical arguments to support the statement. Provide logical arguments against the statement. [2+2]

Part II
(Answer any 3 questions. Each question carry 15 marks)

Q5. Read a file of floating-point numbers, make complex numbers out of pairs of numbers read, and write out the complex numbers. [Use either C or C++]

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