Physics Test - Sample questions

Written Test for Admissions, 2002-2003 (1 hour)

Total Marks: 100

Q1. In the given co-ordinate system, which of the following objects, lie in y-z plane. Discuss if these objects will be invariant under a) translation b) rotation around the three axis. Also discuss the angles of rotational symmetry if any. [6 mks]
sample phy xyz

i) Infinite line lying along y-z direction

sample phy dbl arow

ii) An ellipse with major axis along y-axis and minor axis along z-axis

sample phy elipse

iii) A triangle (equilateral) in y-z plane

sample phy trian

Q2. A wave is 10 Cos(5x + 25t) and another is 20 Cos(5x + 25t + π/3) interfere. Deduce amplitude and phase of resultant wave. [5 mks]

Q3. A box contains 10 red, 7 blue and 3 white balls. Find the probability that [5 mks]

i) Two balls drawn at random with out replacement are not red
ii) Three balls drawn without replacement have at least one blue ball

Q4. What is gravity? Give arguments to support your choice. [12 mks]

a) A property of the massive bodies
b) A property of the space
c) A property of massive bodies due to the presence of space
d) A property of space due to the presence of massive bodies

Q5. There are three quantum quandaries namely:

1. Collapse of atoms
2. Ultraviolet catastrophe
3. Photoelectric effect.

Why are they called as quantum quandaries? Explain them briefly. [4x2=8 mks]

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