Second World Congress for the Synthesis of Science and Religion

Calcutta (Kolkata), India - January 9-12, 1997

Some Session Themes, Speakers and Talk Titles


  • Charles Townes, Keynote Address: Do Science and Religion Converge?

Conceptual Foundations: Religion and the Natural World

  • Daniel Matt, God and the Big Bang: Discovering the Harmony between Science and Spirituality
  • Durwood Foster, Consciosuness: The Indivisibility of Science and Religion
  • Syed M.M. Damad, The Reality of Existence from the Islamic Point of View

Conceptual Foundations: Science and Reality

  • E.C.G Sudarshan, Understanding and Grace
  • Edward MacKinnon, Physics and the Unit of Interpretation
  • Amit Goswami, Science, Consciousness and Sprituality
  • Ravi V. Gomatam, Materialism and Mysticism in Einstein’s Philosophy of Science
  • Joe Kamiya, Bio-feedback and the Quest for Wisdom
  • Crystal Woodward, R.B. Woodward, an Artist in Synthesis; Reflection on Self and Creation of Object in Art, Religion, and Chemistry
  • V. Krishnamurthy, Scientific Actuality versus Philosophical Reality
  • Bruce Mangan, Science, Consciousness and the Age of Exile

Practical Issues: Contemporary Ethical Challenges

  • Gregory Benford, The Biological Century
  • T.K.K. Iyer, Bioethics: Science and Religion Must Join Hands
  • Jonathan Shear, Morality in the Scientific Era: Inner Awareness and Dogma-Independent Values
  • Glenn Bucher, The Library and the Campanile: Ethical Issues in Theological Studies as “Science” and “Religion” at GTU/UCB
  • Michael Cremo, Divine Nature: Practical Applications of Vedic Ethical Principles in Resolving the Environmental Crisis

Parallel Sessions

  • Models of the Mind (Chairman, Joe Kamiya)
  • Issues in Ethics and Environment (Chairman, T.T.K Iyer)
  • Consciousness and Experience: Theoretical Models (Chairman, Bruce Mangan)
  • Consciousness and Experience: Experimental Studies (Chairman, S. Venkateswaran)

Practical Issues: Science, Religion and World Peace

  • Robert Muller, The Promise of a Permanent Religious Organization
  • Reinhart Ruge,The Impact of Science and Religion on World Peace: The Formation and Development of the World Parliament