Q: Where is the Ph.D program conducted? 
A: They are conducted at the Bhaktivedanta Institute in Mumbai (formerly Bombay).

Q: Who will grant the degrees? 
A: The degrees are granted by Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, Rajasthan, India under a collaborative arrangement.

Q: Is the degree recognized by institutions in the US and Europe? 
A: BITS is one of the foremost technical universities in India, and its degrees are recognized internationally and in all American universities. BITS is ranked on the same level with the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). A great number of BITS alumni can be found working in institutions and corporations in the US.

Q: What is the Bhaktivedanta Institute and its role in this field? 
A: Please visit the History and Graduate Studies sections of the Web site.

Q: When is the next enrollment date? 
A: New admissions take place in the Fall season of each year.

Q: How long does it take to process applications? 
A: Typically less than 2 months.

Q: What is the cost of doing this program? 
A: The course fees are as follows:

One time admission fee: to be announced 
Per semester fee: Rs. 26,325

Students are invited to apply for a scholarship which will enable a fee waiver.

Q: What about staying facilities? What are the conditions to avail oneself of these facilities?
A: This program is a residential program. Limited hostel facilities exist at Bhaktivedanta Institute, Mumbai. Students, who are awarded a scholarship, are provided accommodation in the hostel on a sharing basis, and hostel fees are waived. Students are expected to maintain over 90% participation in all the academic activities of this program. Students cannot leave the premises to go out of Mumbai without prior permission.

Vegetarian lunch and dinner meals are provided by the institute to all resident students in the campus free of cost at the announced timings.

The students have to adhere to the following code of conduct while in the institute and the hostel premises: (a) no smoking or any other intoxication (b) no gambling (c) no activity which is detrimental to the interests of the students/institute. 

Students using the hostel facilities will be required to commit in writing to conform to the above guidelines failing which the Institute will be free to take any action it deems fit including debarring the student from the course admission.

For those students who wish to consider obtaining a "paying guest" accommodation near the Institute in Juhu (Mumbai), a single room with an attached bath in a private house, having kitchen access in some cases would cost around Rs. 10,000 per month when available.

Q: Are scholarships or other forms of financial aid available?
A: A limited number of scholarships is available. Admitted students will receive free room/board in the hostel, fee waivers or fellowships or even a combination of all these, depending on his/her performance throughout the program.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about the Institute's location in Mumbai?
A: The Juhu beach is minutes away by walk from the Institute campus. Driving two hours from the city, one can escape into the dazzling rain forests at the foothills of Matheran.

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