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Bhaktivedanta Institute conceived, designed, and launched the world’s first M.S. and Ph.D. program in Consciousness Studies in 1997. This program is offered in collaboration with the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (Pilani), one of the top technical schools in India. The graduate program in consciousness studies offers students unparalleled access to experts in the fields of philosophy of science, quantum physics, physics, artificial intelligence, biology, genetics, neurosciences, and mathematics. This program prepares students to accept challenging opportunities in several new developing fields which will be in great demand for decades to come. Graduates from this program have gone to some of the world’s top universities (Harvard, Leeds, Utrecht, etc.) for higher studies, teaching, and research. Several graduates have joined multi-national corporations to develop new cutting edge technologies, develop finer methods of marketing and business development, and are becoming leaders in their fields.

Financial Assistance:

In the past students, of the M.Phil. and Ph.D. degree programs have received tuition waivers, and boarding/lodging assistance. Currently, we provide financial assistance for research in Consciousness Studies.

Scientific Research:

Bhaktivedanta Institute has published dozens of research papers in international journals and conferences. These publications have been used by researchers around the world working to advance medical science, computing science, control systems, artificial intelligence, quantum physics, military science, cognitive science, and marketing. The Bhaktivedanta Institute Research Library contains a specialized collection of more than 3500 books and journals on subjects associated with consciousness studies.

Research Fellowships:

The Institute has awarded fellowships to a number of established scientists to do research at the Bhaktivedanta Institute in the field of consciousness studies.

Conferences and Colloquiums:

To create and maintain a dynamic interaction with distinguished scholars and researchers all over the world, the Institute has organized three international conferences. The Institute has also organized close to 50 colloquiums in the San Francisco Bay Area to encourage open discussions in the field of consciousness studies.