Selected Books in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence {50346}
by Alain Bonnet [Prentice Hall International, UK: 1996]

Artificial Intelligence. (Second Edition) {50264}
by Elaine Rich; Kevin Knight [Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi: 1996]

Artificial Intelligence {50246}
by Fred Dignazio; Allen L.Wald [Franklin Watts Inc., New York: 1984]

Automated Reasoning. Introduction & Applications (Second Edition) {50267}
by Larry Wos; Ross Overbeek; Ewina Lusk; Jim Boyle [McGraw Hill, USA: 1992]

Building The Info Highway {51034}
by L.Freed & F.J.Derfler Jr. [Ziff Davis Press, U.S.A.: 1994]

Computation & Human Experience {50951}
by Philip E.Agre [Cambridge University Press, UK: 1997]

Computation & Intelligence {50451}
by George E.Luger [MIT Press, USA: 1995]

Computer Simulations Of Self Organization In Biological System {51030}
by Narendra S.Goel & Richard L.Thompson [Croom Helm, London and Sydney: 1988]

Computers & Thought {50271}
by Edward A.Fegenbaum; Julian Feldman [MIT Press, USA: 1995]

Connectionism & The Mind {50285}
by William Bechtel; Abrahamsen Adele [Basil Blackwell, USA: 1992]

Dismantling The Memory Machine {50311}
by H.A.Bursen [Reider Publishing, Netherlands: 1978]

Feynman Lectures on Computation {50573}
by Richard P.Feynman [Addison Wesley Publication Co., Massachusetts: 1997]

Foundations of Artificial Intelligence {50199}
by David Kirsh [A Bradford Book. MIT Press, Netherlands: 1991]

Holding on to Reality. The Nature of Information at the turn of the Millennium {51230}
by Albert Borgman [Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1999]

Introducing Theory of Computer Science {50294}
by E.V.Krishnamurthy [East West Press Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India: 1983]

Introduction to Automata Theory, Language & Computation {51093}
by John E.Hopcroft; Jeffery D.Ullman [Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi: 1997]

Introductory Theory of Computer Science {50261}
by E.V.Krishnamurthy [Affiliated East-West Press Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India: 1983]

Introductory Theory of Computer Science {50278}
by E.V.Krishnamurthy [East West Press Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi: 1995]

Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence {50287}
by Michael R.Genesereth; Nils J.Nilsson [Morgan Kauffman Publications Inc., USA: 1986]

Microprocessors and Digital Systems {51077}
by Douglas V.Hall [McGraw Hill Int'nl, Singapore: 1983]

Operating Systems. A Systematic View {50318}
by William S Davis [Addison Wesley, USA: 1987]

Parallel Distributed Processing (Exploration in The Microstructure of Cognition) Vol.1: Foundations {50220}
by James L.McClelland; David E.Rumelhart & The PDP Research Group [A Bradford Book, Massachusetts: 1986]

Parallel Distributed Processing (Exploration in The Microstructure of Cognition) Vol.2: Psychological & Biological Models. {50219}
by James L.McClelland; David E.Rumelhart & The PDP Research Group [A Bradford Book, Massachusetts: 1986]

Principles of Artificial Intelligence. {50270}
by Nils J.Nilsson [Morgan Kaufmann, USA: 1980]

Readings in Knowledge Representation {50262}
by Ronald J.Blackman; Hector J.Levesque [Morgan Kauffman Inc., USA: 1985]

Real and Artificial Intelligence {50103}
by Ravi.V.Gomatam [BI Bombay, India: 1988]

Semantic Information Processing {50272}
by Marvin Minsky [MIT Press, USA: 1968]

Signal and Image Processing with Neural Networks {51090}
by Timothy Masters [John Wiley and Sons Inc., U.S.A.: 1994]

Sources of Semiotic {51168}
by D.S.Clarke Jr. [Southern Illinois Univ. Press, Illinois: 1990]

The Bit and the Pendulum. From Quantum Computing to M Theory. The New Physics of Information {51174}
by Tom Siegfried [John Wiley and Sons Inc., USA: 2000]

The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence {50291}
by Margaret A.Boden [Oxford University Press, New York: 1990]

Thinking Machines. Can There Be? Are We? {50312}
by Terry Winograd [Center for The Study of Language And Information, USA: 1987]

Understanding Computers & Cognition {50269}
by Terry Winograd; Fernando Flores [Addison - Wesley, USA: 1987]

What Computers Still Can't Do. A Critique of Artificial Reason. {50226}
by Hubert L.Dreyfur [MIT Press, London: 1992]