Selected Books in Biology

An Introduction to Human Embryology {50094}
by Inderbir Singh [S. G. Wasani, India: 1976]

Biology - A Search for Order in Complexity {50062}
by J.N.Moore; H.S.Slusher [Zondervan Publishing House, USA: 1974]

Biology & Epistemology {50767}
by Richard Creath; Jane Maienschein (Ed.) [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2000]

Biology (Fourth Edition) {50273}
by Arms; Camp [Harcourt Brace College, USA: 1995]

Biology as Ideology {50259}
by R.C.Lewentin [Harper Perennial, New York: 1991]

Concepts In Biology (2nd Edition) {50066}
by Enger; Gibson; Kormelink; Ross; Smith [WMC Brown Company, USA: 1979]

Darwin on Trial {50292}
by Philip E.Johnson [Inter Varsity Press, USA: 1993]

Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution {50288}
by Michael J.Behe [The Free Press, New York: 1996]

Epigenetic Inheritance & Evolution (The Lamarckian Dimension) {50214}
by Eva Jablonka; Marion J.Lamb [Oxford University Press, New York: 1995]

Evolution in Action {50033}
by Julian Huxley [Harper & Brothers, New York: 1953]

From Chance to Choice: Genetics & Justice {50947}
by Allen Buchanan DWBND&dW [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2000]

Genes V {50260}
by Benjamin Lewin [Oxford University Press, New York: 1994]

Genetic Engineering- Dream or Nightmare {50903}
by H.O.MacWan [Gateway, Dublin: 1998]

Genetics {50141}
by Edgar Aitenburg [IBH Publication, Delhi: 1957]

Inside the Cell. The New Frontiers of Medical Science {50069}
by Maya Pines [US Department of Health Education & Welfare, USA: 1978]

Introduction to Fungi {50493}
by John Webster [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1977]

J. C. Bose's Plant Physiological Investigations in Relation to Modern Biological Knowledge {50071}
by Bose D.M. [The Bose Research Institute, Calcutta, India: 1948]

Life Itself. A Comprehensive Enquiry Into The Nature, Origin & Fabrication of Life. {50201}
by Robert Rosen [Columbia University Press, New York: 1991]

Molecular Biology {51234}
by David P.Clarke and Lonnie D.Russell [Cache River Press, U.S.A.: 2000]

Molecular Biology of the Gene (2nd Edition) {50061}
by J.D.Watson [W. A. Benjamin Inc. California, USA: 1970]

Molecular Evolution. Pre-biological & Biological {50064}
by Duane L.Rohlfing(Ed.) [Plenum Press, London: 1972]

Nature's Purposes {50927}
by Colin Allen (Ed.) [A Bradford Book, London: 1998]

Neurobiology of Sensory Systems {50299}
by R.Naresh Singh; Nicholas J.Strausfeld [Plenum Press, USA: 1989]

Origin of Life {50060}
by Yecheskel Wolman(Ed.) [D. Reider Publishing Co., Holland: 1980]

Philosophy of Biology Today {50228}
by Michael Ruse [State University of New York Press, Albany: 1988]

Sociobiology;  The Abridged Edition {50001}
by Edward Wilson [Harvard University Press, England: 1980]

Text Book of Biochemistry {50007}
by Dr.K.Ranganath Rao [Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India: 1975]

The Autobiography of Charles Darwin {50391}
by Francis Darwin [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1958]

The Concept of Gene in Development & Evolution {50914}
by Peter Beurton (Ed.) [Cambridge University Press, UK: 2000]

The Genetics of Bacteria & Their Viruses {50293}
by William Hayes [CBS Publishers., New Delhi, India: 1984]

The Language of the Genes {50902}
by Steve Jones [Flamingo, London: 1993]

The Origin of Species {50081}
by Thomas H.Huxley [The University of Michigan Press, USA: 1968]

The Origins of Life {50099}
by L.E.Orgel [John Wiley & Sons, Canada: 1973]

The Origins of Order {50155}
by Stuart A.Kauffman [Oxford University Press, New York: 1993]

The Path to The Double Helix: The Discovery of DNA {50658}
by Robert Olby [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1994]

The Selfish Gene {50021}
by Richard Dawkins [Oxford University Press, New York: 1980]