Selected Books in Chemistry

Advanced Organic Chemistry {50495}
by Jerry March [McGraw Hill Book Co., New York: 1977]

Advanced Organic Chemistry (Reactions, Mechanisms & Structures) {50501}
by Jerry March [McGraw Hill (Kogakusha), Tokyo: 1968]

Art in Biosynthesis {50499}
by Darshan Ranganathan; Subramania Ranganathan [Academic Press, New York: 1967]

Asymmetric Organic Reaction {50483}
by J.D.Morrison; H.S.Mosher [American Chemical Society, Washington: 1976]

Carbon - 13. Magnetic Resonance for Organic Chemists {50484}
by G.C.Levy; G.L.Nelson [Wiley Interscience, USA: 1976]

Catalyst Technology {50488}
by Z.Mukhlyonov; et al [MIR Publishers, Moscow: 1976]

Chemical Process Industries {50487}
by R.N.Shreve; J.A.Brink [McGraw Hill, USA: 1975]

Chemistry {50065}
by Walford; Masterton; Slowinski [Holt, Rinehart & Winston, USA: 1980]

Chemistry Papers {51028}
by Anon [Academic Press, New York: 1972]

Chemistry: Its Role in Society {50485}
by J.S Chikos; et al [D. C. Heath & Co., USA: 1972]

Elementary Chemistry Through Investigation {50128}
by David Abbot [U. M. Dent & Sons Ltd., London: 1967]

Frontier Orbitals & Organic Chemical Reactions {50491}
by Ian Flemming [John Wiley & Sons, London: 1978]

Of Minds and Molecules {50968}
by Nalini Bhushan and Stuart Rosenfeld [Editors] [Oxford Univ. Press, N.Y.: 2000]

On The Way to Super-Elements {50117}
by G.N.Flerov; A.S.Ilyinov [Mir Publications, Moscow: 1986]

Organic Chemistry {50504}
by Andrew Strietwieser; et al [McMillan Publication Company, New York: 1976]

Organic Chemistry: Methane to Macromolecules {50486}
by J.D.Roberts; et al [W. A. Benjamin Inc., USA: 1973]

Organic Compound Identification {50505}
by Zvi Rappoport [The Chemical Rubber Company, Ohio, USA: 1964]

Organic Reaction Mechanisms {50492}
by Ronald Brescow [W. A. Benjamin Inc., California: 1969]

Organic Chemistry {50496}
by R.T.Morison; R.N.Boyd [Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi: 1966]

Structure Determination {50494}
by Peter Yates [W. A. Benjamin Inc., Massachusetts: 1967]

Systematic Qualitative Organic Analysis {50497}
by Middleton H. [Orient Longman, Calcutta, India: 1967]

The Chemists Companion {50503}
by Arnold J.Gordon; Richard A.Ford [John Willey & Sons, New York: 1973]

The Conservation of Orbital Symmetry {50490}
by R.B.Woodward; R.Hoffman [Academic Press Inc., Germany: 1970]

Total Synthesis of Primary Products {50502}
by John Apsimoh [John Willey & Sons, New York: 1973]