Selected Books in Consciousness Studies

A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness {50340}
by Bernard J.Baars [The University of Cambridge, Cambridge: 1988]

A History of Mind {50212}
by Nicholas Humphrey [Simon & Schuster, USA: 1992]

Choices, Valves & Frames {50941}
by Daniel Kahneman & Amos Tversky (Ed) [Cambridge Univ Press, New York: 2000]

Conscious Experience {50330}
by Thomas Metzinger [Imprint Academy, USA: 1995]

Consciousness and the World {50966}
by Brian O'Shaughnessy [Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford: 2000]

Consciousness Explained {50210}
by Daniel C.Dennett [Little Brown & Co., USA: 1991]

Consciousness In Action {50657}
by S.L.Hurley [Harvard University Press, Massachusetts:1998]

Consciousness in Contemporary Science {50229}
by A.J.Marcell; E.Bisjach(Ed.) [Oxford University Press, New York: 1988]

Consciousness Reconsidered {50230}
by Owen Flanagan [MIT Press, London: 1992]

Context and Content. Oxford Cognitive Science {51221}
by Robert C.Stalnaker [Oxford Univ. Press, U.S.A.: 1999]

Elemental Mind, Human Consciousness & The New Physics {50216}
by Nick Herbert [Dutton. A Division of Penguin Books, USA: 1993]

Enchanted Looms: Conscious Network in Brain & Computers {50575}
by Rodney Cotterill [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge:1998]

Evolving The Mind On The Nature of Matter & The Origin of Consciousness{50688}
by A.G.Smith Cairns [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge:1998]

How the Mind Works? {51256}
by Steven Pinker [W.W. Norton & Company, New York:1997]

Images of Mind {50300}
by Michael Posner; Marcus E.Raichle [Scientific American Library, USA: 1997]

In The Theatre of Consciousness {50302}
by Bernard J.Baars [Oxford University Press, USA: 1997]

Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence {50921}
by U.Ratch & M.M.Richter (Ed) [Srpinger, Berlin: 1998]

Intentions and Intentionality. Foundations of Social Cognition {51222}
by Bertram F.Malle (Ed.) [MI T Press, U.S.A.: 2001]

Introceptualism: The Philosophy of Consciousness Without An Object. Vol. II {50011}
by Franklin Merrellwolff [Phoenix Philosophical Press, Phoenix:1970]

Language Acquisition and Conceptual Development {51231}
by Melissa Bowerman and Stephen C.Levinson [Cambridge Univ. Press, New York: 2001]

Language, Proof & Logic {50897}
by Jon Barwise & John Etchemenoy [Seven Bridges Press: 1999]

Margins of Reality. The Role of Consciousness in The Physical World {50195}
by Robert G.Jahn; Brenda J.Dunne [A Harvest Book, USA: 1987]

Matter & Consciousness. A Contemporary Introduction to The Philosophy of Mind.{50221}
by Paul M.Churchand [A Bradford Book, Massachusetts: 1984]

Meaning & Structure of Consciousness {50165}
by Bruce Burridge Mangan [Bell & Howell Co., Berkeley: 1991]

Mind in Science {50013}
by R.L.Gregory [Peregrine Books, UK: 1984]

Mind, Brain & The Quantum; The Compound 'I' {50683}
by Michael Lockwood [Blackwell Publications Ltd., Oxford:1996]

Philosophy of Mind {50286}
by William Bechtel [Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, USA: 1988]

Shadows of The Mind. A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness{50202}
by Roger Penrose [Oxford University Press, New York: 1994]

Spatial Representation {50973}
by Naomi Eilan (Ed.) [Oxford Publishers, Oxford: 1993]

The Analogical Mind. Perspectives from Cognitive Science {51223}
by Dedre Gentner (Ed.) [MI T Press, U.S.A.: 2001]

The Astonishing Hypothesis {50188}
by Francis Crick [Maxwell Macmillan International, New York: 1994]

The Conscious Mind :In Search of a Fundamental Theory {50213}
by David J.Chalmers [Oxford University Press, New York: 1996]

The Dynamic Web of Supracortical Consciousness {51071}
by Dr.A.K.Mukhopadhyay [Shri S.K.Mukhopadhyay, New Delhi: 1987]

The Emperors New Mind {50130}
by Roger Penrose [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1989]

The Mind's New Science {50187}
by Howard Gardener [Basic Book Inc., USA: 1985]

The Mystery of Consciousness {50587}
by John R.Searle [The New York Review of Books, New York:1997]

The Nature of Consciousness. Philosophical Debates {50449}
by Block; Flanagan; Guzelders [MIT Press, USA: 1997]

The Oxford Companion to The Mind {50268}
by Richard L.Gregory (Ed.) [Oxford University Press, USA: 1987]

The Problem of Consciousness. Essays Toward a Resolution {50196}
by Colin Mcginn [Blackwell, UK: 1991]

The Race for Consciousness {50659}
by John G.Tahlor [The MIT Press, Massachusetts: 1999]

The Reflexive Universe {50005}
by Arthur M.Young [Delacorte Press: 1976]

The Remembered Present {50416}
by Gerald M.Edelman [Basic Books Inc., New York: 1989]

The Self Aware Universe. How Consciousness Creates The Material World.{50222}
by Amit Goswami with Richard E.Reed & Maggie Goswami [G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York: 1993]

The Significance of Consciousness {50576}
by Charles P.Siewert [Princeton University Press, New Jersey:1998]

The Society of Mind {50258}
by Marvin Minsky [Simon & Schuster, New York: 1988]

The Undiscovered Mind {50959}
by John Horgan [Simon & Schuster, N.Y.: 1999]

The View from Nowhere {50466}
by T.Nagel [Oxford University Press, New York: 1986]

Toward a Science of Consciousness I: The First Tucson Discussions & Debate{50771}
by Stuart R.Hameroff; Alfred W.Kaszniak; Alwyn C.Scott (Ed.) [MIT, Massachusetts: 1996]

Toward a Science of Consciousness II: The Second Tucson Discussions & Debates {50574}
by Stuart R.Hameroff; Alfred W.Kaszniak; Alwyn C.Scott (Ed.) [The MIT Press, Massachusetts: 1998]