Selected Books in General Science

Age of The Cosmos {50097}
by H.S.Slusher [Institute for Creation Research, California, USA: 1980]

Chance & Necessity {50327}
by Jacques Monod [William Collins Sons & Co., UK: 1970]

Cosmology {50478}
by N.S.Hetherington [Garland, New York: 1993]

Essentials for The Scientific Technical Writer {50392}
by Hardy Hoover [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1980]

How to get a Ph. D. {50924}
by Estelle N.Phillip & Derek S.Pugh [Open University Press, Buckingham: 1987]

Human Destiny {50985}
by Lecomte Du Nouy [The New American Library, New York: 1947]

India's Contribution to World Thought & Culture {50562}
by Chandra (Ed.) [Vivekanand Rock Memorial Committee, Madras, India: 1970]

Just As I Am {50089}
by Harvey Cox [Abingdon Press Nashville, USA: 1983]

Neurology & What Lies Beyond {50345}
by Swami Ranganathananda [Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, India: 1989]

On Writing Well. An Informal Guide to Writing Non Fiction {50590}
by William Zinsser [Harper Collins Publications, New York: 1998]

Science, Scientific Method, Technological Development {50067}
by Basantani K.T. [Sheth Publishers., Bombay, India: 1983]

Teaching Improvised Drama {51019}
by Peter Chilver [B.T.Batsford Ltd., London: 1978]

The Chicago Manual of style {50481}
by University of Chicago Press [Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi: 1993]

The Craft of Research {50198}
by Wayne Booth; Gregory Colomb; Joseph Williams [The University of Chicago Press, USA: 1995]

The End of Science {50516}
by Horgan J. [Addison Wesley Publication, USA: 1996]

The Fire in the Equations: Sience,Religion and the Search for God {50982}
by Kitty Ferguson [Bantam Books, London: 1995]

The Golem {50517}
by Collins H. [Cambridge University Press, New York: 1993]

The Management and Ethics Omnibus {50962}
by S.K.Chakraborty [Oxford Univ. Press, New Delhi: 2001]

The Meme Machine {50949}
by Susane Blackmore [Oxford University Press, New York: 1999]

The Nine Natural Laws of Leadership {50960}
by Warren Blank [American Management Association, N.Y.: 1995]

The Oxford American Desk Dictionary {51079}
by Frank Abate [Ed] [Oxford Univ. Press, New York: 2000]

The Quark & The Jaguar. Adventure in The Simple And The Complex {50684}
by Murray Gell Mann [W. H. Freeman & Co., New York: 1997]

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions {51162}
by Thomas S. Kuhn [The Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago/London: 1962]

The Two Cultures {50440}
by C.P.Snow [Cambridge University Press, by 1996, : ]

Understanding The Present {50168}
by Bryan Appleyard [Double Day, New York: 1993]

William Whiston Honest Newtonian {50077}
by James E.Force [Cambridge University Press, New York: 1985]

Writing Essays {50923}
by Richard Marggraf Turley [Routledge, London: 2000]