Selected Books in Mathematics

A Text Book of Applied Mathematics {50139}
by P.N.Wartikar; L.N.Wartikar [Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan, Poona, India: 1991]

An Introduction to Mathematics {50450}
by Alfred North Whitehead [Oxford University Press, USA: 1958]

Calculus for Business, Biology & The Social Sciences (Third Edition) {50008}
by G.Crowdis; M.Shelley; W.Wheeler [Glencoe Publishing Co. Inc., London: 1979]

Conceptual Mathematics, A First Introduction to Categories {50638}
by William F.Lawvere; Stephen H.Schanuel [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK: 1997]

Conversations of Mind, Matter & Mathematics {50193}
by Changeux; Connes [Princeton University Press, USA: 1995]

Counter Examples in Topology {50900}
by Arthur Lynn Steent & Arthur J.Seebach [Dover Publications, New York: 1970]

Culture, Excitement & Relevance of Mathematics {50519}
by Krishnamurty V. [Willey Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, India: 1990]

Differential Equations {50138}
by George E.Simons [Tata McGraw Hill Publication Co., New Delhi: 1989]

Elementary Theory of Numbers {50401}
by William J.Leveque [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1990]

Elementary Topology {50566}
by Michael C.Gemignani [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1972]

Fermat's Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve World's Greatest Mathematical Problem {50654}
by Simon Singh [Bantam Doubleday Dell Publications Group Inc., New York: 1998]

Foundations & Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics {50663}
by Howard Eves [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1997]

Four Manifolds and Kirby Calculus {51224}
by Robert E.Gompf/ Andras I.Stipsicz [American Mathematical Society, U.S.A.: 1991]

Fractals: Complex Geometric Pattern and Scaling in Nature & Society {50698}
by B.B.Mandelbrot (Hon Ed.) [World Scientific Publication Company, Singapore: 1999]

Gödel Meets Einstein: Time Travel in the Gödel's Universe {51237}
by Palle Yourgrau [Open Court Pub. Co., U.S.A.: 1999]

Gödel's Theorem (In focus) {50651}
by Ed by S.G.Shanker [Routledge, New York: 1988]

Greek Mathematical Thought & The Origin of Algebra {50373}
by Jacob Klein [Dover Publications, New York: 1992]

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy {50405}
by Bertrand Russell [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1993]

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy {50766}
by Bertrand Russell [Dover Publication Inc, New York: 1993]

Introductory Functional Analysis With Application {50462}
by Kreysiz E. [J. Wiley, New York: 1978]

Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis {50464}
by S.S.Sastry [Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi: 1977]

Lectures in Applied Mathematics Vol. 1 A. Probability and Related Topics in Physical Sciences {51169}
by Mark Kac (Ed.) [American Mathematical Society, U.S.A.: 1959]

Linear Algebra {50112}
by Sushama Varma [S. G. Wasani, India: 1975]

Mathematical Thoughts From Ancient to Modern Times. Vol. I {50236}
by Morris Kline [Oxford University Press, New York: 1972]

Mathematical Thoughts From Ancient to Modern Times. Vol. II {50237}
by Morris Kline [Oxford University Press, New York: 1972]

Mathematical Thoughts From Ancient to Modern Times. Vol. III {50238}
by Morris Kline [Oxford University Press, New York: 1972]

Mathematics & Plausible Reasoning, Vol. II. Patterns Plausible Inference {50568}
by Polya G. [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1968]

Mathematics for The Non-mathematician {50475}
by M.Kline [Dover Publications, New York: 1967]

Measure Theory {50785}
by J.L Doob [Springer Verlag, New York: 1994]

Measure Theory & Probability {50784}
by M.Adams; V.Guillemin [Birkhauser Boston, Massachusetts: 1996]

Men of Mathematics {50241}
by E.T.Bell [Simon & Schuster, New York: 1937]

Nature's Numbers: The Unreal Reality of Mathematics {50630}
by Ian Stewart [Oxford University Press, New York: 1995]

New Directions in The Philosophy of Mathematics; An Anthology {50601}
by Thomas Tymoczko [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1998]

On Constructive Interpretation of Predicative Mathematics {50672}
by Charles Parsons [Garland publication Inc., Massachusetts: 1997]

Philosophical Theories of Probability {51241}
by Donald Gillies [Routledge, U.S.A.: 2000]

Probability, Statistics & Truth {50567}
by Richard von Mises [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1981]

Probability & Random Processes {50463}
by S.K.Srinivasan [Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi: 1987]

Probability, Random Variable & Stochastic Processes {50786}
by Athanasious Papoulis [McGraw Hill Inc., New York: 1991]

Reflections on Kurt Gödel {51235}
by Hao Wong [M I T Press, M I T: 1987]

Siam Journal on Mathematical Analysis {51070}
by E.DiBenedetto [The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Philadelphia: 1999]

The Cradle of Knowledge {50958}
by Philip J.Kelman & Nartha Arterberry [The MIT Press, Cambridge: 2000]

The Foundations of Statistics {50375}
by Leonard J.Savage [The University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1985]

The Language of Mathematics :Making the Invisible Visible {51236}
by Keith Devlin [W. H. Freeman and Co., New York: 1998]

The Man Who Knew Infinity {50584}
by Robert Kanigal [Pocket Books, New York: 1992]

The Origin of The Infinitesimal Calculus {50372}
by Margaret E.Baron [Dover Publications, New York: 1987]

The Philosophy of Mathematics {50614}
by W.D.Hart (Ed.) [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1997]

The Philosophy of Mathematics: An Introductory Essay. {50583}
by Stephan Korner [Dover Publication Inc., New York: 1986]

Topological Spaces: From Distance to Neighborhood {50607}
by Gerard Buskes; Van A.Rooij [Springer Verlag, New York: 1997]

Topology {50565}
by John G. Hocking & Gail S. Young [Dover Publication Inc., New York: 1988]

Topology from the Differential Viewpoint {50957}
by John W.Milnor [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1965]

What is Mathematical Logic {50398}
by J.N.Crossley [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1990]

What is Mathematics? An Elementary Approach to Ideas & Methods {50631}
by Courant; Robbins; Revised by Ian Stewart [Oxford University Press, New York: 1996]