Selected Books in Neuroscience

An Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradox Tales {50764}
by Oliver W. Sacks [Vintage Books, New York: 1996]

Attentional Processing {50415}
by David Laberge [Harvard University Press, Cambridge: 1995]

Biofeedback: A Practitioners Guide {50604}
by Mark S.Schwartz; & Associates [The Guilford Press, New York: 1995]

Clinical Neuropsychology {50417}
by Kenneth M.Heilman; Edward Valenstein [Oxford University Press, New York: 1993]

Consciousness Lost & Found {50441}
by Lawrence Weiskrantz [Oxford University Press: 1997]

Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology {50911}
by Bryan Kolb & Jan Whishaw [W.H.Freeman & Co., USA: 1947]

How The Self Controls Its Brain {50438}
by John C.Eccles [Springer Verlag, Germany: 1994]

Nervous Systems. Principles of Design & Function {50298}
by R.Naresh Singh [Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, India: 1992]

Neural Codes & Distributed Representations. Foundations of Neural Computation {50696}
by Laurence Abbot; Terrence J.Sejnowski (Ed.) [The MIT Press, Massachusetts: 1999]

Neural Darwinism {50275}
by Gerald M.Edelman [Basic Books, USA: 1987]

Nineteenth Century Origins of Neuroscientific Concepts {50274}
by Edwin Clarke; L.S.Jacyna [University of California, USA: 1987]

Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind {50564}
by V.S.Ramachandran; Sandra Blakeslee [William Morrow & Co., New York: 1998]

Principle of Neural Science {50912}
by Eris R.Kandel JHSTMJ [McGraw Hill Publishers, New York: 2000]

Programs of The Brain {50031}
by J.Z.Young [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1979]

The Cognitive Neuroscience {50418}
by Michael S.Gazzaniga [The MIT Press, Cambridge: 1996]