Selected Books in Philosophy

A Companion to Continental Philosophy {50948}
by Simon Critcheley & William R. Schroder [Blackwell Publishers, Malden: 1998]

A Companion to Philosophy of Religion {50896}
by Philip (Ed.) [Blackwell Publishers, USA: 1997]

A Dictionary of Philosophy {50162}
by A.R.Lacey [Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., New York: 1976]

A Handbook of Philosophy {50059}
by B.I.Syusyukalov [Progress Publishers, Moscow: 1988]

A History Of Indian Philosophy Vol.5 {51045}
by Surendranath Dasgupta [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1975]

A History of Indian Philosophy. Vol.I {50356}
by Surendranath Dasgupta [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1975]

A History of Indian Philosophy. Vol.II {50357}
by Surendranath Dasgupta [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1975]

A History of Indian Philosophy. Vol.III {50358}
by Surendranath Dasgupta [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1975]

A History of Indian Philosophy. Vol.IV {50359}
by Surendranath Dasgupta [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1975]

A History of Indian Philosophy. Vol.V {50360}
by Surendranath Dasgupta [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1975]

History of Philosophy in the 20th Century {50901}
by Christian Delacampagne [The Johns Hopkins University Press, USA: 1999]

A History of Philosophy. Vol. I Greece & Rome {50249}
by Fredrick Coplestone S.J. [Doubleday Image Books, New York: 1993]

A History of Philosophy. Vol. II Medieval Philosophy {50250}
by Fredrick Coplestone S.J. [Doubleday Image Books, New York: 1993]

A History of Philosophy. Vol. III Late Medieval & Renaissance Philosophy {50251}
by Fredrick Coplestone S.J. [Doubleday Image Books, New York: 1994]

A History of Philosophy. Vol. IV Modern Philosophy {50252}
by Fredrick Coplestone S.J. [Doubleday Image Books, New York: 1994]

A History of Philosophy. Vol. IX Modern Philosophy {50257}
by Fredrick Coplestone S.J. [Doubleday Image Books, New York: 1994]

A History of Philosophy. Vol. V Modern Philosophy {50253}
by Fredrick Coplestone S.J. [Doubleday Image Books, New York: 1994]

A History of Philosophy. Vol. VI Modern Philosophy {50254}
by Fredrick Coplestone S.J. [Doubleday Image Books, New York: 1994]

A History of Philosophy. Vol. VII Modern Philosophy {50255}
by Fredrick Coplestone S.J. [Doubleday Image Books, New York: 1994]

A History of Philosophy. Vol. VIII Modern Philosophy {50256}
by Fredrick Coplestone S.J. [Doubleday Image Books, New York: 1994]

A Modern Introduction to Philosophy: Reading from Classical & Contemporary Sources {50541}
by Edward Paul; Pap Arthur [The Free Press, New York: 1966]

A Realist Theory of Science {50621}
by Roy Bhaskar [Leeds Books Ltd., London: 1997]

A Short Commentary on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason {50625}
by A.C.Ewing [The University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1967]

A Treatise Concerning the Principle of Human Knowledge {50662}
by George Berkeley; Jonathan Dancy [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1998]

Albert Einstein - Philosopher Scientist {50304}
by Paul Aurthur Schilpp [Open Court Publication, USA: 1997]

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding {50158}
by David Hume [Open Court Publication Co., California: 1988]

An Introduction to The Philosophy of Science {50404}
by Rudolf Carnap [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1995]

An Introduction to Indian Philosophy {50305}
by Satishchandra Chatterjee; Dhirendra Mohan Datta [Calcutta University, Calcutta: 1984]

An Introduction to Metaphysics {50772}
by Martin Heidegger; Translated by Ralph Manheim [Motilal Banarasidas Publication Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India: 1999]

An Introduction to Symbolic Logic {50402}
by Sussane K.Langer [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1969]

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind {50906}
by E.J.Lowe [Cambridge University Press, UK: 2000]

An Introduction to Western Philosophy {50088}
by Antony Flew [The Bobbs - Mervill Co. Inc., New York: 1972]

Analysis & Metaphysics {50164}
by P.F.Strawson [Oxford University Press, New York: 1992]

Approaches to The Philosophy of Religion; A Book of Readings {50578}
by Daniel Bronstein; Harold M.Schulweis (Ed.) [Prentice Hall Inc., New York: 1969]

Aristotle {50470}
by T.Irwin [Garland, New York: 1995]

Atheism & Theism {50644}
by J.J.C.Smart; J.J.Haldane [Blackwell Publications Ltd., Oxford: 1996]

Berkeley {50472}
by G.D.Hicks [Ernst Benn, London: 1988]

Berkeley {50471}
by I.C.Tipton [Garland, New York: 1988]

Beyond Positivism & Relativism {50894}
by Larry Laudan [Westveiw Press, USA: 1996]

Biology and the Foundation of Ethics {51068}
by Jane Malenschein and Michael Ruse [Cambridge Univ. Press, U.K.: 1999]

Cambridge Companion to Husserl {50940}
by Barry Smith & David Woodruff Smith (Ed) [Cambridge Univ Press, New York: 1995]

Causality & Modern Science {50678}
by Mario Bunge [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1979]

Causality and Complementarity. The Philosophical writings of Niels Bohr Vol 4 {51149}
by Jan Faye and Henry J.Folse [Ed] [Ox Brow Press, U.S.A.: 1998]

Causality in Linguistic Theory: A Critical Investigation into the Philosophical & Methodological Foundations of Non Autonomous Linguistics {50585}
by Esa Itkonen [Indiana University Press, Indiana: 1984]

Causality, Interpretation and the Mind {51165}
by William Child [Clarendon Press, Oxford: 1994]

Causality: Models, Reasoning & Inference {50952}
by Judea Pearl [Cambridge University Press, UK: 2000]

Circularity Definition and Truth {51253}
by Andre Chapauis & Anil Gupta [Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi: 2000]

Concept of Mind in Indian Philosophy {50355}
by Saraswati Chennakesavan [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1960]

Concepts - Core Readings {50675}
by Eric Margolis; Stephen Laurence (Ed.) [MIT, Massachusetts: 1999]

Concepts and Categories {50971}
by Isaiah Berlin [Pimlico, Randon House, London: 1978]

Conceptual Foundations of Scientific Thought. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science {50586}
by Marx W.Wartofsky [The MacMillan Company, New York: 1968]

Conceptual Revolution {50667}
by Paul Thagard [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1993]

Conceptual Thinking A Logical Enquiry {51166}
by Stephan Korner [Dover Pub., U.S.A.: 1959]

Connections to the World: The Basic Concepts of Philosophy {50597}
by Arthur C.Danto [University of California Press, Berkley,California: 1997]

Contemporary Indian Philosophy {50773}
by Margeret Chatterjee (Ed.) [Motilal Banarasidas Publication Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India: 1998]

Contemporary Philosophical Problems. Some Classical Indian Perspectives. {50308}
by Krishna; Ghose [IPQ Publication, Pune: 1978]

Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: A Contentiously Classical Approach {50633}
by Georges Rey [Blackwell Publishing Inc., Massachusetts: 1997]

Contemporary Philosophy of Thought {50905}
by Michael Luntley [Blackwell Publications, UK: 1999]

Contemporary Readings in The Foundations of Metaphysics {50636}
by Laurence; MacDonald (Ed.) [Blackwell Publications Ltd, Oxford, UK: 1998]

Continental Philosophy. An Anthology {50588}
by William McNeill; Karen S.Fieldman (Ed.) [Blackwell Publications Ltd., Massachusette: 1998]

Counterfactuals {51167}
by David Lewis [Harvard Univ. Press, Great Britain: 1973]

Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge {51228}
by Imre Lakatos/Alan Musgrave [Ed] [Cambridge Univ. Press, New York: 1970]

Critique of Practical Reason {50169}
by Kant I. [MacMillan Pub. Co., New York: 1993]

Critique of Pure Reason {50170}
by Kant I. [J. M. Dent & Sons, London: 1991]

Denett & His Critics :Demystifying Mind {50768}
by Bo Dahlbom (Ed.) [Basil Balckwell Ltd., Oxford: 1996]

Descartes Discourses on Method & Meditation {50685}
by Translated by Sutcliffe [Penguin Books Ltd., England: 1986]

Does The Centre Hold {50157}
by Donald Palmer [Mayfield Publication Co., California: 1991]

Essays in Qausi Realism {50582}
by Simon Blackburn [Oxford University Press, New York: 1993]

Experience & The Analytic: A Reconsideration of Empiricism {50552}
by Alan Pasch [The University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1958]

Fifty Major Philosophers - A Reference Guide {50627}
by Diane Collinson [Routledge, London: 1997]

Following Form and Function. A Philosophical Archaeology of Life Science {51001}
by Stephen T.Asma [North Western University Press, USA: 1996]

From Physics to Philosophy {50904}
by Jeremy Butterfield & Constantine Pagnois [Cambridge University Press, UK: 1999]

George Berkeley. Lectures Delivered before The Philosophical Union of the University of California {50603}
by S.C.Pepper; K.Aschenbrenner; B.Mates [University of California Press, Berkeley, California: 1957]

German Idealist Philosophy {50908}
by Rudiger Bubner (Ed) [Penguin Books, London: 1978]

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - Discourse on Metaphysics; Correspondence with Arnauld Monadology {50558}
by Translated by Montgomrey G [Open Court Publication Company, Illinois: 1989]

Heidegger's Philosophy of Being. A Critical Interpretation {50778}
by Herman Philipse [Motilal Banarasidas Publication Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India: 1999]

History of Philosophy {50390}
by Julias Marias [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1967]

History of Western Philosophy {50242}
by Bertrand Russell [Routledge, London: 1996]

Images of Science {50374}
by Bas C.Van Frassen [Dover Publications, New York: 1992]

In Defense of Pure Reason: A Rationalist Account of A Priori Justification {50620}
by Laurence Bonjour [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1998]

Indian Logic & Atomism {51047}
by Arthur Berrie dale Keith [Oriental Books Reprint Co., New Delhi: 1977]

Indian Metaphysics and Epistemology; The tradition of Nyaya-Vaisesika upto Gangesa Vol 2 {51053}
by Karl H.Potter [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1995]

Indian Philosophy. Vol. I {50247}
by S.Radhakrishnan [Oxford University Press, New Delhi: 1997]

Indian Philosophy. Vol. II {50248}
by S.Radhakrishnan [Oxford University Press, New Delhi: 1997]

Indian Realism {50774}
by Jadunath Sinha [Motilal Banarasidas Publication Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India: 1999]

Intension & Decision: A Philosophical Study {50557}
by Richard M.Martin [Prentice Hall Inc., New Jersey: 1963]

Intentionality: An Essay in The Philosophy of Mind {50704}
by John R.Searle [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1999]

Introduction to Aristotle {50577}
by Richard Mckeon [Random House Inc., New York: 1992]

Introduction to Comparative Philosophy {51066}
by P.T.Raju [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1962]

Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology {50555}
by Ayn Rand; Binswanger H&LP [Meridian; an imprint of Penguin Books, New York: 1990]

Introduction to Phenomenology {50899}
by Dermot Moran [Routledge, New York: 2000]

Introduction To Religious Philosophy {51041}
by Y.Masih [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1998]

Introduction to Symbolic Logic & Its Applications {50650}
by Rudolf Carnap; Translated by Meyer & Wilkinson [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1958]

Jacques Derrida of Grammatology {50781}
by Gayatri Chakravorty (Translation) [Motilal Banarasidas Publication Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India: 1994]

Kant's Transcendental Idealism {50156}
by Henry E.Allison [Yale University, Yale: 1983]

Knowing & Being: Essays by Michael Polanyi {50559}
by Marjorie Grene (Ed.) [University of Chicago Press, Chicago, USA: 1969]

Knowledge & The Body Mind Problem: In Defence of Interaction {50550}
by Karl R.Popper [Routledge, London: 1994]

Knowledge & The Flow of Information {50705}
by Fred I.Dretske [Center for the Study of Language Information Publication., Stanford, California: 1999]

Labyrinths of Reason {50351}
by William Poundstone [Anchor Books, USA: 1962]

Language & Myth {50393}
by Earnest Cassirer [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1953]

Language & Reality: An Introduction to The Philosophy of Language {50679}
by Michael Devitt; Kim Sterelny [MIT, Massachusetts: 1995]

Language & Relation {50950}
by Christopher Fynsk [Stanford University Press, California: 1996]

Language and Space {51225}
by Paul Bloom (Ed.) [M I T Press, M I T: 1996]

Language, Testimony and Meaning {51250}
by Sibajiban Bhattacharya [Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi: 1998]

Language, Thought & Consciousness: An Essay in Philosophical Psychology {50628}
by Peter Carruthers [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1998]

Laws & Symmetry {51040}
by Basc Van Fraassen [Clarendon Press, Oxford: 1989]

Lenin - Materialism & Empirio - Criticism {50082}
by Lenin [Progress Publishers, Moscow: 1977]

Logic, Language & Reality {50461}
by B.K.Motilal [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1997]

Meaning & Existence {50548}
by Gustav Bergman [The University of Wisconsin Press, Wisconsin: 1968]

Meaning in Mind: Fodor & his Critics {50596}
by Barrey Loewer; Georges Rey [Basil Blackwell Ltd., Massachussets: 1993]

Mind & Materialism {50143}
by Geoffrey Madell [The University Press, London: 1988]

Mind & The World Order, Outline of a Theory of Knowledge {50656}
by Clarence Irving Lewis [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1990]

Mind, Language & Society. Philosophy in Real World {50699}
by John R.Searle [Basic Books, New York: 1998]

Minds, Brains & Science {50331}
by John Searle [Harvard University Press, USA: 1984]

Modern Philosophy: An Introduction & Survey {50594}
by Roger Scruton [Penguin Books, New York: 1996]

Mystery of mysteries. Is Evolution a Social Construction ? {51226}
by Michael Ruse [Harvard Univ. Press, U.S.A.: 1999]

New Essays on the A Priori {51229}
by Paul Boghossian and Christopher Peacocke [Oxford Univ. Press, New York: 2000]

New Horizons in the Study of Language&Mind {51254}
by Noam Chomsky [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2000]

Newton's Philosophy of Nature. Selections from his Writings {50615}
by H.S.Thayer (Ed.) [Hafner Press, New York: 1974]

Observation and Objectivity {51227}
by Harold I.Brown [Oxford Univ. Press, New York: 1987]

One Thousand Years of Philosophy {50955}
by Rom Harre [Blackwell Publishers, Malden: 2000]

Outlines Of Indian Philosophy {51048}
by M.Hiriyanna [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1994]

Outlinse of the History of Greek Philosophy {50397}
by Edward Zeller [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1980]

Phenomenology & Existence {50307}
by Marvin Farber [Harper Torch Books, New York: 1967]

Philosophers Speak for Themselves: Berkeley, Hume & Kant {50549}
by T.V.Smith; Marjorie Grene (Ed.) [The University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1969]

Philosophical Concepts in Physics: The Historical Relation Between Philosophy & Scientific Theories {50640}
by James Cushing [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK: 1998]

Philosophical Essays {50361}
by Surendranath Dasgupta [Motilal Banarasidas, Calcutta: 1941]

Philosophical Papers Vol.II {51255}
by David Lewis [Oxford University Press, New York: 1986]

Philosophy & The Mirror of Nature {50411}
by Richard Rorty [Princeton University Press, Princeton: 1980]

Philosophy After Objectivity {50965}
by Paul K.Noser [Oxford Univ. Press, N.Y.: 1993]

Philosophy in the USSR: Problems of Historical Materialism {51067}
by Serget Syrovatkin [Tr] [Progress Pub. Moscow, USSR: 1981]

Philosophy Made Simple {50891}
by Richardhand Popkin & Avrum Stroll [Doubleday Books, New York: 1923]

Philosophy of Mind {50661}
by Jaegwon Kim [Westview Press Inc., Colarado: 1996]

Philosophy of Physics {50225}
by Lawrence Sklar [Westview Press, USA: 1992]

Philosophy of Religion, Selected Readings {50551}
by Michael Peterson; et al [Oxford University Press, New York: 1996]

Philosophy: An Introduction {50542}
by Margaret Wilson; et al (Ed) [Appleton Century Crofts, New York: 1972]

Philosophy: East & West; A Quarterly of Comparative Philosophy {50611}
by Roger T.Ames [University of Hawaii Press, Hawaii: 1992]

Pragmatics--An Introduction {51173}
by Jacob L.Mey [Blackwell Pub., U.S.A.: 1993]

Pragmatism - A Reader {50593}
by Menand Louis (Ed.) [Vintage Books, New York: 1997]

Principles of Human Knowledge. Three Dialogues {50479}
by George Berkeley [Penguin Books, UK: 1988]

Proceedings & Addresses of The American Philosophical Association {50159}
by Eric Hoffman(Ed.) [American Philosophical Association, Delaware: 1996]

Process & Reality {50383}
by Alfred North Whitehead [The Fress Press, New York: 1978]

Quiddities :An intermittently Philosophical Dictionary {51232}
by W.V.Quine [Harvard Univ. Press, U.S.A.: 1987]

Readings on Color. The Science of Color Vol 2 {51171}
by Alex Byrne and David R.Hilbert [Ed] [MIT Press, Massachusetts: 1997]

Readings on Color. Vol.1; Science of Color {50599}
by Alex Byrne; David R.Hilbert [The MIT Press, Massachusetts: 1997]

Real Presences {50167}
by George Steiner [University of Chicago Press, USA: 1989]

Realism & Truth {50893}
by Michael Devitt [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1984]

Realism With A Human Face {50623}
by Hilary Putnam; James Conant [Harvard University Press, Massachusetts: 1992]

Realism: A Critique of Brentano & Meinong {50553}
by Gustav Bergman [The University of Wisconsin Press, Wisconsin, USA: 1967]

Reason & Religious Belief: An Introduction to The Philosophy of Religion {50610}
by Michael Peterson; et al [Oxford University Press, New York: 1998]

Reason & Responsibility: Readings in Some Basic Problems of Philosophy {50543}
by Joel Feinberg (Ed). [Dickenson Publications Company Inc., California, USA: 1975]

Reasoning Meaning and Mind {50969}
by Gilbert Harman [Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford: 1999]

Recent Developments in Analytic Philosophy {51252}
by Pradhan R.C. [Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi: 2001]

Reconstruction In Epistemology and Metaphysics {51065}
by H.M.Joshi [Indian Philosophical Congress, Jabalpur[India]: 1984]

Relativism : Interpretation & Confrontation {50889}
by Michael Krausz [University of Notre Dame Press, Indiana: 1989]

Rethinking Linguistic Relativity {50581}
by Gumperz; Levinson (Ed.) [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1996]

Routledge Philosophy Guide Book to Wittgenstein & The Philosophical Investigations {50652}
by Marie McGinn [Routledge, London: 1997]

Sankya: A Dualist Tradition in Indian Philosophy Vol 15 {51051}
by Gerald James Larson & Ramshankar Bhattacharya [Motilal Banarasi Das, New Delhi: 1987]

Science & Hypothesis {50384}
by Henri Poincare [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1952]

Science & Philosophy in The 20th Century. Decline & Obsolescence of Logical Empiricism. {50473}
by S.Sarkar [Garland, London: 1996]

Scientific Method: An Historical & Philosophical Introduction {50660}
by Barry Gower [Routledge, London: 1997]

Skepticism & The Definition of Knowledge {50671}
by Gilbert Harman [Garland publication Inc., New York: 1990]

Smoke & Mirrors: How Science Reflects Reality {50676}
by James Robert Brown [Routledge, London: 1994]

Spreading The Word: Groundings in The Philosophy of Language {50608}
by Simon Blackburn [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1984]

Supervenience and Mind: Selected Philosophical Essays {50939}
by Jaegnon Kim [Cambridge University Press, New York: 1993]

The Act of Conceptualism : An Exploration of Concepts and Cognition [M S Thesis] {51178}
by Matthew R.Ellis [Bhaktivedanta Institute [Mumbai], Mumbai: 2000]

The Advancement of Science & Its Burdens With a New Introduction {50666}
by Gerald Holton [Harvard University Press, Massachusetts: 1998]

The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory {51164}
by Pierre Duhem [Princeton Univ. Press, New Jersey: 1954]

The Analysis of The Mind {50266}
by Bertrand Russell [Routledge, UK: 1995]

The Blue & Brown Books: Preliminary Studies for The Philosophical Investigations {50642}
by Ludwig Wittgenstein [Harper & Row Publications, New York: 1965]

The British Empiricists {50276}
by Stephen Priest [Penguin Books, UK: 1990]

The Cambridge Companion to Locke {50910}
by Vere Chappell (Ed) [Cambridge University Press, New York: 1994]

The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy {50232}
by Robert Audi [The Press Syndicate of The University of Cambridge, New York: 1998]

The Character of Logic in India {50970}
by Bimalkrishna Natilal [Oxford Univ. Press, New Delhi: 1998]

The Chemistry of Conscious States - How The Brain Changes Its Mind {50353}
by J.Allan Hobson [Little Brown, Canada: 1994]

The Childs Conception of Physical Causality {51242}
by Jean Piaget [Transaction Publishers, New Jersey: 2001]

The Construction of Social Reality {50154}
by John R.Searle [Free Press, New York: 1995]

The Development of Berkeley's Philosophy {50670}
by G.A.Johnston [Garland publication Inc., New York: 1988]

The Encyclopedia of Philosophy Vol 1 & 2 {50916}
by Paul Edwards (Ed in chief) [MacMillan Reference, London: 1967]

The Encyclopedia of Philosophy Vol 3 & 4 {50917}
by Paul Edwards (Ed in chief) [MacMillan Reference, USA: 1967]

The Encyclopedia of Philosophy Vol 5 & 6 {50918}
by Paul Edwards (Ed in chief) [MacMillan Reference, USA: 1967]

The Encyclopedia of Philosophy Vol 7 & 8 {50919}
by Paul Edwards (Ed in chief) [MacMillan Reference, USA: 1967]

The Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Supplement {50915}
by Dinald M Borchert (Ed) [MacMillan Reference, London: 1996]

The Ends of Philosophy {50664}
by Lawrence E.Cahoone [State University of New York Press, New York: 1995]

The Identity of The Self {50142}
by Geoffrey Madell [The University Press, Edinborough: 1981]

The Impact of Science on Society {51146}
by Bertrand Russell [Unwin Hyman Reprinted Routledge, Great Britain: 1952]

The Language of Thought {50943}
by Jery A.Fodor [Harvard University Press, Cambridge: 1975]

The Leibniz - Clarke Correspondence {50655}
by H.G.Alexander [Barnes & Noble Books, New Jersey: 1984]

The Logic of Scientific Discovery {50546}
by Karl R.Popper [Harper & Row Publishers, New York: 1968]

The Main Trends in Philosophy {50058}
by T.I.Oizerman [Progress Publishers, Moscow: 1988]

The Metaphysics of Symbolic Forms Vol. 4: The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms {50632}
by Ernst Cassirer; Kroiss Verene [Yale University Press, New Haven: 1996]

The Mind's I (Fantasies & Reflections on Self & Soul) {50243}
by Douglas R.Hofstadter; Daniel C.Dennett [A Bantam New Age Book, New York: 1981]

The Nature of Mind {50598}
by David M.Rosenthal (Ed.) [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1991]

The Nature of the Physical World {50544}
by Eddington A.S. [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1929]

The One Culture? A Conversation about Science {51239}
by Jay A.Labinger and Harry Collins [Ed] [Chicago Univ. Press, Chicago: 2001]

The Ontology of Mind {50964}
by Helen Steward [Oxford Univ. Press, New Delhi: 1997]

The Passion of Western Mind {50153}
by Richard Tarans [Crown Publishers, New York: 1993]

The Philosophers Index. 1994 {50467}
by Richard H.Lineback (Ed.) [PDC Ohio, Ohio, USA: 1994]

The Philosophers Index: Cumulative Edition 1995 {50442}
by Richard H.Lineback (Ed.) [Philosophers Information Center, 1995: ]

The Philosophers Index: Cumulative Edition 1996 {50648}
by Richard H.Lineback (Ed.) [Philosophers Information Center, Ohio, USA: 1996]

The Philosophers Index: Cumulative Edition 1997 {50649}
by Richard H.Lineback (Ed.) [Philosophers Information Center, Ohio, USA: 1997]

The Philosophers Index: Cumulative Edition 1998 {50692}
by Richard H.Lineback (Ed.) [Philosophers Information Center, Ohio: 1999]

The Philosophical Traditions Of Indian {51046}
by P.T Raju [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1998]

The Philosophy Behind Physics {50338}
by Thomas Brody [Springer Verlag, Germany: 1993]

The Philosophy of A. J. Aiyer {50606}
by Lewis Eddwin Hahn [Open Court Publication Company, Illinois: 1992]

The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell {50579}
by Paul Aurthur Schilpp [Open Court Publication Company, Illinois: 1989]

The Philosophy of George Berkeley; George Berkeley Bicentenary {50669}
by A.C.Crombie (Ed.) [Garland publication Inc., New York: 1988]

The Philosophy Of Grammarians {51050}
by Harold G.Coword & Kunjunni K.Raja [Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi: 1990]

The Philosophy of Mind {50385}
by V.C.Chappell [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1981]

The Philosophy of Physical Science {50677}
by Arthur Eddington [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK: 1949]

The Philosophy of Science {50152}
by Richard Boyd; Philip Gasper; J.D.Trout(Ed.) [Bradford Book, MIT Press, Massachusetts: 1991]

The Problem of Knowledge {50561}
by A.J.Ayer [Penguin Books Ltd., England: 1966]

The Problem of Scientific Realism {50183}
by Edward A.Mackinnon(Ed.) [Merdith Corporation, New York: 1972]

The Rediscovery of The Mind {50189}
by John R.Searle [A Bradford Book, London: 1992]

The Republic of Plato {50641}
by Translated by Allan Bloom [Basic Books, New York: 1991]

The Scientific Image {50702}
by Bas C.Van Fraassen [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1980]

The Self & Its Brain {50131}
by Karl R.Popper; John C.Eccles [Routledge & Kegalpaul, USA: 1986]

The Semantic Tradition from Kant to Carnap: To the Vienna Station {50624}
by Alberto J.Coffa; Linda Wessels [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1995]

The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge {50560}
by Peter L.Berger; Thomas Luckmann [Anchor Book Published by Doubleday, New York: 1967]

The Sphota Theory of Language: A Philosophical Analysis {50776}
by Harold G.Coward [Motilal Banarasidas Publication Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India: 1997]

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