Anant Bhaskar Garg (Year: 2000)

B.E Computer Science, Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College, University of Allahabad
Advanced Diploma in Software Technology - Center for Electronics Design and Technology of India, Mohali
M.S. Consciousness Studies, Bhaktivedanta Institute, Mumbai & BITS, Pilani, India 

Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Learning and Human Behavior, Bioinformatics, Cognitive systems, Indian Philosophy.

M.S. Dissertation title: "A Critical Examination of the Concept of Information"
Guide: P.V.Rayudu.

Personal Statement:

I have spent the main part of my academic life in Allahabad. I have 'sweated it out' in different companies, in the departments of administration, software designing and development. I was searching for some cognitive science programs and luck had me stumble on the BI (Bhaktivedanta Institute) website. I stuck on, joined the course mainly because of its focus on the 'human cognition-human behavior' approach. The interdisciplinary nature of the program also fascinated me as it was the first of its kind! The Bhaktivedanta Institute, as you know, is the first institute to organize a conference on the Scientific Study of Consciousness in 1990, which I think is a major step forward in the intellectual history of the last decade. As my interest lies in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences, my dissertation here deals with the review and analysis of the concept of information. The notion of information is not only central and primary to consciousness studies; it also encompasses an entire gamut of conceptual issues and involves a critical examination of some major areas of study including the human-information capabilities, communication of information, physics of information, data communication & storage and also bioinformatics. This approach to study and research, which the Bhaktivedanta Institute offers, would certainly be a major leap for my future career.