Saberi Roy (Year: 2000)

M.Sc. Psychology, University of Calcutta, India.
M.S. Consciousness Studies, Bhaktivedanta Institute, Mumbai & BITS, Pilani, India 

Research Interests: Philosophy of mind, philosophy of science (matter and causation) consciousness and quantum mechanics, psychoanalysis, Eastern philosophy.
Project Officer at Bhaktivedanta Institute 2002-2003
Currently analyst and writer

M.S. Dissertation title: "Causality in Consciousness Studies"
Guide: Dr. Ravi Gomatam

Personal Statement:

I have spent a major part of my life in Calcutta, West Bengal. Bengal is known for its 'cultural affluence and artistic excellence'. You can visit West Bengal's official website ( I have been involved in social work for the uplift of the poor for the last ten years and have also helped in organizing peace conferences. I was enrolled for an M.Phil program in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi before coming here. The source of inspiration for joining this program has been the conference organized by the Bhaktivedanta Institute in Calcutta, on The Synthesis of Science and Religion where I came to know about the M.S/Ph.D program in Consciousness Studies. The program immediately attracted my attention because its basic issue of inquiry is one of the most fascinating aspects of existence, i.e. Consciousness and also the basic approach of inquiry is interdisciplinary and not restricted to any particular field of study. 
My research interests include the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science and the relation between the notion of matter and the problem of consciousness, considering the frameworks provided by physics, philosophy and psychology. My M.S dissertation is on the 'Problem of Cause within Consciousness Studies' and where causality stands in the natural sciences. My other interests include creative writing, art, existentialism and psychoanalysis. The institute's growing library is my favorite haunt and has an excellent collection of books related to all fields of consciousness studies. The Institute's unique effort in bringing the 'holy grail of knowledge', the phenomenon of Consciousness, that has perplexed humanity for the past thousands of years, within the realm of science, is worthy of great appreciation and will definitely meet with success.