Vinod Kumar U. (Year: 2000)

M.A - Psychology. Calicut University, India
M.Phil, Psychology. Calicut University, India
M.S. Consciousness Studies, Bhaktivedanta Institute, Mumbai & BITS, Pilani, India

Research Interests:

Vision, Illusions, Psychoanalysis, Clinical Psychology, Neuro-scientific aspects of Consciousness (Neural Correlates).

M.S. Dissertation title: "Visual Illusions - The Significance of Context".
Guide: Dr. R.V.Gomatam

Personal Statement:

My home is in Kerala, South India. (Kerala is a beautiful state - visit The Consciousness Studies program has much to offer for all fields and that involves my subject of interest too, i.e. Psychology. My primary area of interest in consciousness is its psychological and neuroscientific aspects and its analysis from a cultural and historical perspective. That way, we might get an interesting picture on how the 'concept of consciousness' evolved and how it relates to the present methodology of research. My M.S thesis is on 'Visual Illusions, with special emphasis on the Role of Context in Illusions' and its importance in the study of consciousness. The Institute provides the perfect foundation for a person of my kind of interest.