Bhausaheb Biradar (Year: 2003)

B. Pharmacy, Pune University

Research Interests: philosophy of mind, theoretical physics, cognitive science, neuroscience
Currently a Project Officer at Bhaktivedanta Institute

Personal statement:
Since my early graduation days my mind has always been abuzz with some profsound questions like ‘What it actually means to be a human being?’ ‘What is the place of humanity in this universe?’ ‘What is life and its ultimate truth?’ etc. which I think is quintessentially human. The most striking, fascinating, (I’m scrambling for adjectives of course) aspect that sets us apart and places us above (we think so…and we might be right too…) the inanimate matter and lower animals is our being bestowed upon with a wonderful gift in the form of higher levels of consciousness--the most enigmatic ‘stuff’ in this universe. I understand that unfolding the conundrum of consciousness will greatly heighten our understanding of ourselves and usher us in the close vicinity of knowing what life is.
I want to dedicate my entire life to brain research. 
I attended an international conference on consciousness in Bangalore, India which helped me make my acquaintance with some of the topics in this field. I wanted to pursue this field but didn’t know any institute which offered well-designed, globally acknowledged academic course in. Then I saw this institute’s  poster in Osmania University and applied immediately. I thank this institute for giving me this wonderful opportunity to study this field. I think the beauty of this course here lies in its multidisciplinary nature where subjects like philosophy & consciousness, neuroscience & consciousness, mind-body medicine, physics & consciousness, artificial intelligence & consciousness are taught. The institute’s maverick approach to study matter called ‘Consciousness-based Study of Matter’, ingeniously developed by the director, upon reaching its culmination will not only peel away our layers of ignorance but change the face of science altogether.