Bhuvanesh Awasthi (Year: 2003)

M.Sc. Life sciences, University of Pune,

Research Interests: Neural correlates of consciousness, mind-body medicine, philosophy of science, altered states of consciousness, foundations of quantum physics.
Dissertation Title: Psychophysiology of Emotion: review and alternative views

Personal Statement:
Having spent a major part of my academic life in Pune, my skeptic mind was intrigued by its very own existence. Quest for understanding and scientifically analyzing the hidden mysteries of life and consciousness brought me to Bhaktivedanta institute which is one of its kind in the world and is a pioneer in the field of consciousness studies or rather consciousness based studies of matter.
Western science and all of its brilliant discoveries have been built on the tenet that we can and should want to achieve objectivity.
On the other hand, we see the world in the unique way our life experience, socialization, and cultural & religious upbringing permit us to see it.
An effort to understand how we ‘understand’ and the science of experiencing draws my attention towards this new frontier in science-the multidisciplinary field of consciousness studies which has immense potential to deepen our relations and insights into Art, Science, literature and philosophy.
The eternal enigma of life and its origin has been haunting human species since pre-historic times. My understanding of life and life sciences during my academic days in the Oxford of the East i.e. University of Pune made me consciously choose to get into this unique inter-disciplinary field of consciousness studies.
With several allied fields in the program that include artificial intelligence, quantum physics, psychology, neurosciences and mind-body medicine, it is surely a privilege to be a part of this new revolution and a possible paradigm shift in scientific understanding of nature and life and our perception of this world.