Deepak Gupta (Year: 2004)

B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engineering), Punjab University

Research Interests:
Foundations of physics, mathematics, AI and philosophy
Currently working for IPPro (a patent services firm) in Bangalore.
Deepak Gupta's Matlab code for an information-theoretic method for detecting the set of bifurcation points
Abstract of thesis

Personal statement:
I belong to Chandigarh. Since early age, I have been exposed to good education, especially in High School, where I was lucky to have wonderful teachers. During this period I developed a genuine interest in physics. They stressed on clearing the fundamentals and discussions in the class were a way to clear your ideas. As a result I got admission in B.E., Electronics and Electrical Communication, PEC, Chandigarh.  
The environment in college was very different; it motivated learning for exams and not for developing understanding. I was not able to adjust to requirements of the situation. During the course, I was introduced to AI, and I found it very interesting as the field was still young. I gave two seminars on AI, which helped me to understand the basics of the field. But further study led me to believe that AI was missing something, which I didn’t know, at that point. After completing B.E., I taught physics to pre-engineering students. During this time I listed the subjects I wanted to study, and the only institute that was teaching those subjects, in the whole world was BI. So, I decided to join the course.
I have found the institute according to my needs. Library has an excellent collection. Faculty is itself involved in research and is very helpful to students. All students are self-motivated for research and long discussions are part of the day. Further, institute has provided me with full scholarship, which allows me to fully focus on the course work.