Sergey Yelanin (Year: 2005)

B.Sc. (Telecommunications), Kiev Institute of Communications, Kiev, Ukraine
M.Sc. (Telecommunications), State University of Information and Communication Technologies, Kiev, Ukraine

Research interests:
Artificial intelligence, neural networks, perception, knowledge acquisition and representation, memory, intelligence, consciousness, belief, philosophy.

Personal statement:
When I was fourteen, I became interested in things like origin of universe and life, life beyond death, paranormal phenomena. I tried to explain those things rationally and read books on cosmology, astronomy, physics, genetics, etc. One day I read a book about achievements in bionics and cybernetics of 1970s. It wasn't a "state of the art" book, but the idea of artificial life remained in my memory. I thought it could help me to reveal the secret of life.
In 1998 I entered Institute of Communications in Kiev. A couple of years later I remembered that interest and found some books on neural networks and tried to simulate them on my computer. I also started to learn Prolog, an AI programming language. Along with it I was trying to model humans in 3D-modelling software and provide them with intelligence. I was also interested in Virtual Reality as an idea of the existence of different perceivable worlds. I have basic skills in 3D graphics, Web programming, Database management and programming, C/C++ programming.
In 2002 I received BSc and in 2003 MSc in Engineering (Telecommunications) (thesis on fiber optic networks).
I would like to do research in field of A.I. and Consciousness Studies. I think that consciousness is not just a product of highly organized matter or complex combination of brain cells and neural signals. It is something more subtle, something that manifests itself through that. It is an amazing, miraclous and mysterious phenomenon. We do not know yet what it really is. We constantly discover new dimensions of it, extend knowledge about it and deepen our understanding of this phenomenon. I want to understand the nature of mind and consciousness, and I think I can do that through A.I. studies.
I would like to thank the administration of Institute for providing an opportunity to study and do research under the guidance of the professional and highly qualified faculty.