Amit Srivastava (Year: 2007)

B.E. Computer Science and Engineering, University of Rajasthan;
M.S. Physics, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

Research Interests: Consciousness, reality.

Personal statement:
Today the world has become a small place to live in. Information about the world is readily available in the world community. The intellectual and incisive abilities have also grown up. For those who have an logical and scientific attitude towards looking at things and see the mysteries of life and nature as subtleties surrounding us and have some insights revealing new facets of life and living. People who have got some faith evolved in some higher force at work and about the incompleteness of the scientific knowledge today to express the reality. Let me tell you that you are not alone. By the grace of God, whatever intellectual ability I have evolved and the experience of life I have had and for the studies I have done here, let me tell that for people sharing such experiences and views, I think that I am amongst the best places if not the best place in the world for such studies.