Jayant Mishra (Year: 2007)

B.Sc. Microbiology, Bangalore University;
M.Sc. Biomedical Sciences, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi;

Research Interests: Philosophy of Consciousness, Microbiology, study of relational property of matter in relation to biological systems, cellular intelligence, Mind Body medicine.

Personal statement:
"Scientists investigate that which already is. Technologists create that which has never been." I wished to engage in both. This choice was enhanced by a personal yearning to apply all that I learned. This was only possible in the field of Consciousness Studies. The interdisciplinary approach made it more interesting and worth pursuing. It was this need that propelled me to join Bhaktivedanta Institute, Mumbai .The institute was suggested to me while I was doing my post graduation by one of my professors.

After I joined the institute, I was influenced by the scholars, faculty and the pioneers in various fields associated with the institute. One gradually develops a profound knowledge in the scientific study of consciousness. We are supported by a large library a number of journals relevant to this field. Even online lectures and electronic library on any topic is accessible to us. There are many institutions claiming to do scientific study in this field of consciousness, but it is only in Bhaktivedanta institute that a scientific pursuit is followed.

Presently I am working on the “Implications of Phantom Limb phenomenon on the Human Consciousness”. I hope that the course will help me to discover the interactions in biological systems and the role played by consciousness in nature.