Lalit Saraswat (Year: 2008)

B.Tech, Biotechnology, Amity University, Noida, U.P.

Research Interests: Philosophy of Biology, Cognitive-Neuroscience, Dreams-Analysis, Epigenetics And Evolution, Systems Biology.

Personal statement:
Since my childhood, living world has always fascinated me. The complexity, variety and diversity of life forms have always intrigued me. I always wanted to discover the modus-operandi of this world in a precise way. Certainly as I grew up, biology provided me the apt tool to discover life in numerous forms and vigor. My education in Biotechnology always inspired me to ponder deep into the workings of any biological or technological system for that matter. To be more precise it has given me a rationalized and scientific way of questioning  things.
 It is only at the masters level that I discovered the philosophical approaches to understand any matter, system and moreover the idea of Consciousness. Here, with its uniqueness of interdisciplinary approach,  I got an opportunity to affirm or re-model the understanding of a particular subject.This course brought to me  a new kaleidoscope to look at the things (cognitive-neuroscience, genetics, evolution etc ) differently . As I advance, many facets about objects, systems, cognition and information appear in a new light. Currently my work is on junk DNA along with the Epigenetic aspects and then I would move to neuro-genetics and its implications on human consciousness.