Prof. Ravi Gomatam

Artha Foundation, California

24 Jan 2017

Denominational religions have been reacting to science solely on theological grounds: does God exist, did life evolve, do souls exist, did God create the world, and so on. Would true universal religion demonstrate its contemporary relevance by contributing to science? How? Learn about a new science and corresponding technologies emerging right now!

Prof. Ravi Gomatam

Article in The Voice of Malabar Hills Newspaper, Mumbai

Feb 2017

The article explores the Vedic notion of “Dharma”. Swami Prabhupada, pointed out that while one can change from one religion to another just as one can go from one college to another, dharma connotes to the essential nature of things which cannot be given up. Even a purely material object can have its dharma.

Prof. Ravi Gomatam

SIES College, Mumbai

1 Feb 2017

Keynote address at the Dr. Sinari Memorial Lecture and Student Symposium on the Dialectics of Consciousness organized by The Department of Philosophy, SIES College, in association with Department of Philosophy, University of Mumbai & Bombay Philosophical Society (BPS)

Mr. Greg Anderson

TECH-TRIS at R.D. National College of Arts and Commerce, Dept of Information Technology, Bandra, Mumbai, India

16 Feb 2017

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