The Bhaktivedanta Institute is attempting groundbreaking work within the field of consciousness studies. The Institute's research aims at offering a new perspective on foundational problems in allied fields of modern science. At present, a major effort is aimed around redefining and solving the famed 'measurement problem' within quantum theory. We expect this work to lead to fundamental contributions in other fields. To cite but some examples:

  • Life Sciences (nature and origin of life)
  • Artificial Intelligence (new methods for knowledge representation, natural language processing etc.)
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy of Science (a new vision of scientific realism)
  • Matter in Bhagavata Sankhya: Bhagavata Sankhya School and its conception of twenty four levels of matter are being studied. Connections are being made to a variety of contemporary problems in different fields of science, such as quantum physics, cognitive science, neuroscience, and biology

The Institute has several in-print and upcoming publications in these and other areas.

In addition to its in-house research, the Institute interacts with academics from other leading universities and research establishments through short and long-term research fellowships.